Couture Weft Care

Couture Wefts are produced using only the highest quality material. Our goal is to help you have long lasting extensions! Following these guidelines and using these specific products will extend the life of your wefts plus keep your natural hair healthy too!


  • Use only professional hydrating products for washing.  We recommend Joico Defy Damage, Olaplex or b3 Extension Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Apply oil to the extensions daily.  Our favorite is Kevin Murphy Young Again.
  • Brush extensions daily and before showering to avoid matting or tangling.
  • Heat tools may be used but must be kept on low heat. Minimal use of hot tools will extend the life of the wefts.
  • Move up's must be done every 6 weeks or as recommended by your stylist to avoid damage to the natural hair.
  • Wash hair immediately after swimming in a pool or ocean. Chemicals and minerals found in these types of water can react poorly with extensions and can lead to discoloration and/or dryness of the hair.